Inbound Outbound Marketing Services

  • Improve Market Knowledge

    Improve Market Knowledge

    Working with Upsellinn allowed us to build a large database of qualified leads in less than three months from scratch. I'd highlight their professionalism and experience in many sectors

    María Antonia Albert Managing Director at Ticket Impact
  • Increase Sales Team's Selling Time

    Increase Sales Team's Selling Time

    The speed with which Upsellinn demonstrated us its ability to facilitate access to decision makers within our potential customers was one of the most important aspects to highlight.

    Juan Carlos Ibáñez Sales Director at Planinter
  • Building Sales Leads

    Building Sales Leads

    Upsellinn's involvement in all facets from project planning to lead generation to lead qualification to offer a rooftop rental agreement to private building owners in a designated area, to install power-generating photovoltaic array on the roof surface, it was essential to be able to contact 330 companies and get 140 qualified sales leads.

    Antonio Fernández Managing Director at Anticipa
  • Enhance Brand Awareness

    Enhance Brand Awareness

    We look for speed and professionalism in the launch and implementation of demand generation projects, as well as to transmit out brand image perfectly. Upsellinn far meet our expectations.

    Ignacio Cumbreño Marketing Communications Manager at Konica Minolta
  • Result Oriented Approach

    Result Oriented Approach

    On the one hand, Upsellinn collaboration has provided us with a large database of potential customers and, secondly, the initial business contact with food companies and move prospects from awareness to interest in our services, and has allowed us to hold several Food Handler Certification courses.

    Isabel Redondo Managing Director at Adecal Alimentaria

What we do

What we do

Upsellinn is a full-services company specialized in demand generation and lead  management.

Our core services include:

Inbound Marketing (get found online)

Outbound Marketing (providing the essential human touch)

Comprehensive Demand Generation (the unify of both inbound marketing and outbound marketing)

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Building leads

Building leads

It really is about starting the conversation with a prospect. Once that conversation is taking place, the selling begins.

Comprehensive Demand Generation is about leveraging inbound marketing practices and outbound marketing to initiate this conversation, which requires a consistent and relevant dialog, regardless of their timing to buy.

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